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Baton Rouge cop killer advised male followers to exert complete control over women

The gunman who assassinated police officers  in Baton Rouge advised his online male followers to exert complete control over their female romantic partners, according to posts on his lifestyle website.

"The man is the leader, he has to take responsibility for keeping his woman in check at all times," wrote Gavin Eugene Long in a June 17 web post titled "Checking Your Woman." Long was named as the shooter who opened fire on Sunday on unsuspecting police in Louisiana. During the rampage, he killed three police officers, and wounded three others. Long was stopped mid-massacre by an officer who felled him with a single shot.

The "Checking Your Woman" post appears on Long's website, "Convos With Cosmo," where he presented himself as a life coach for men. The website is not connected to the similarly titled, "Conversations With Cosmo," about a woman's life with her African Grey Parrot.

Writing under the pseudonym “Cosmo Setepenra,” Long called himself an "Alpha-preneur" and "Freedom Strategist," and described his transformation from being 80 pounds overweight into being a physically fit Marine. He wrote about nutrition, spirituality, and sex. He offered coaching sessions, and sold self-published e-books.

In the aftermath of the shootings, Long's website has gained considerable attention from media outlets purporting to examine his psyche based on his writings.

A Salon article, "Cop-killer Gavin Long and the danger of the 'Sovereign Citizens' movement," includes "police brutality" among its tags, and connects Long with "a larger pattern of violence by right-wing domestic terrorists." The Salon article observes: "The vast majority if not all of these attacks have been committed by white men."

A Homeland Security official told AMI Newswire that there is "considerable concern" within the department regarding the selective reporting of excerpts from Long's writings.

"If you look at some of the stories, they are curated to fit a narrative that could make the killer look sympathetic to some audiences," said the official, who is not authorized to speak to the media, and talked to AMI Newswire on the condition of anonymity.  "The larger picture shows him in a much different light." 

Other media reports primarily have focused on selected excerpts from Long's writings pertaining largely to fighting oppression.

A New York Times article, "Online Trail Illuminates Baton Rouge Gunman’s Path to Violence," examines Long's views about resisting persecution.

A New York Daily News story, "Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Eugene Long ... was outraged at police for Alton Sterling death," references the recent shooting by police of a black male.

A Washington Post article, "What we know about the shooter in Baton Rouge," discusses Long's health beliefs and grievances about racial injustice. The article states that Long's "online videos and writings seem to suggest a reverence for black women."

Posts on the Baton Rouge shooter's main web page, however, do not appear to signal reverence. Instead, they advise men to exert draconian control over women.

In the June 17 post expounding at length on how to keep a woman "in check," Long wrote: "Don't get a woman if you can't keep her in check. Better yet, never have a woman that you can't check."

He defined for readers what that means: "To check a woman means to call out ANY foul behavior she gives you at the exact moment that it happens."

Additionally, Long wrote, that it means: "Lettin her know, hey bitch, I'm about A, B, and C, and if you cross these lines then that's yo ass."

Elsewhere, Long wrote dismissively about the mind of a woman, and advised men that, when going out on dates, they should "arrive knowing yo Chick knows her place."

In a June 16 post titled "7 Things that Alpha Males don’t Do," Long added what he termed a "bonus" eighth principle: "Alpha Males Don't Leave A Bitch Un-Checked!”

He also wrote that the alpha male isn’t confrontational, is confident, and is not impulsive.

Wrote Long: "Alphas act rationally."