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Carjacker, shot by his victim, dies

A carjacker, shot at five times by his victim, has died, close to two weeks after what turned into a shootout on a street close to St. Louis’ Busch Stadium.

The unnamed 27-year-old victim told police he was sitting in his car when he was approached by Tyrell Patrick and told that this was a robbery, and to get out of the vehicle.

But as he exited, he grabbed his gun. As Patrick tried to speed away, the victim fired five shots at the 20-year-old carjacker, hitting him at least once. The vehicle crashed.

There were accomplices in a Mitsubishi truck parked close by. Shots were fired from the truck. The victim returned fire. The accomplices pulled Patrick into the truck and fled the scene to a hospital.

Patrick died June 9. Phillip Brown, 27, who was allegedly in the Mitsubishi, was arrested at the hospital and later charged with assault and attempted robbery. But he could face murder charges.

Carjackings are on the increase in some cities in the U.S. No national figures have been compiled since 2002, when 36,000 were reported. .

Cities such as Milwaukee, and St. Louis, have seen a sharp uptake recently.

In Milwaukee, in the first five months of this year, there were 198 carjackings, a 120 percent increase from the same period two years ago, figures released recently reveal.

The issue of carjacking was the main topic at a meeting last week of the Milwaukee Common Council’s Public Safety Committee.

Just over a week before the May 30 shootout, on May 22, Brandi Hill, 21, was shot point blank in the head as she sat in her car in St. Louis city center.

“Officers responded to a call for a 'shooting' in the above area and upon arrival, observed the victim lying in the street, unconscious and suffering from a gunshot wound,” revealed the police report provided to AMI Newswire. “The victim was conveyed to a hospital where she was pronounced deceased.”

It continued: “Investigation revealed the victim, an acquaintance and the victim’s 9-month old daughter were driving east on Washington when two unknown suspects approached their vehicle on foot and announced a robbery.

“One of the suspects shot the victim. Both of the suspects then fled in the victim’s vehicle with the child still inside. The suspects then threw the child, who was still seated in the car seat, from the vehicle at Angelica and 22nd. The child was found unharmed and released to a family member. The vehicle was later recovered unoccupied.”

According to a probable cause statement filed with the charges against one of Hill’s alleged attackers, Ross Randolph, the alleged killer said: “Bitch, give me the car and the keys,” before he allegedly shot Hill in the head, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported..

As reported by the Dispatch, Hill’s adult passenger, who was nine months pregnant and identified in court documents as Q.H., was pulled out of the car.

The gunman pushed Hill out of the car and left her lying on Washington Avenue near 11th Street. Later, they threw her baby, who had been in the back seat of the car in an infant car seat, out of the car on Glasgow Avenue.

One of the alleged car jackers gave himself up. Ross Randolph, 19, is charged with murder. The other, the suspected gunman, 21-year-old Devonte Gates, was shot dead May 27 by a Fugitive Task Force, made up of U.S Marshals, local and state police. He was armed when fatally shot, according to police.