U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte
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RNC Co-Chair's son files against U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte

The son hereof Republican National Committee Co-Chairman Sharon Day on Friday filed to run as an independent against Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. In a statement to the American Media Institute, Aaron Day, 40, of Bedford, N.H., accused Ayotte and Gov. Maggie Hassan, the Democratic candidate, of being the pawns of “well-funded special interests.”


In April, Day said he would run as an independent in the general election if Ayotte defeated her challenger, Jim Rubens, in the Republican primary on Sept. 13. But as the state’s filing period for U.S. Senate ends on June 10, he is required to file by then.


In the past several years, Day has accused many prominent Republicans — including Ayotte, Manchester mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Ted Gatsas, and Senate President Chuck Morse — of being corrupt and controlled by moneyed special interests. Asked Friday if there were any prominent Republican office holders he did not think were corrupt, he responded, “I’ll let you know.”


“New Hampshire doesn’t rank well in the corruption department,” he said, pointing to a Center for Public Integrity report that gave the state a D- for “state integrity.” “But, I will add that I don't think the Democrats perform any better.”


“I will also point out that both Maine and Vermont have Independent U.S. senators,” Day said. “My run is not a protest run. I think the circumstances are ripe for a real change in the political landscape.”


Day said he is running “because I think the people of New Hampshire are the best suited to make decisions about their money, their families and their lives. The federal government has too much control over what happens in New Hampshire.


“From the destruction of our health-care system (Obamacare), diminishing our children’s educational potential through federal intervention in our schools, to a multi-decade failed war on drugs that has led to the highest incarceration rates in the world, New Hampshire needs an independent voice who will make it a priority to get the federal government out of our way and let us own our own lives.


“Both of my opponents have demonstrated that they are career politicians whose allegiance is to the establishment wings of their respective parties and whose policy positions are determined by a massive coalition of well-funded special interests.”


On May 14, Day posted a video on his Facebook page under the title “Kaggie Hassoyte.” It depicts Ayotte morphing into Hassan.


In his Facebook bio, Day calls himself an “(e)ntrepreneur turned liberty activist with the #1 goal of eradicating corruption in New Hampshire.”


In recent months, Day drew attention for speaking on behalf of Mike Gill, a businessman being sued for defamation by three prominent New Hampshire business executives. Gill has accused them of being part of a conspiracy against him.


Day told AMI that he has not spoken to his mother, the No. 2 official at the Republican National Committee, about the race. “We have a separation of politics and family,” he said.

"Kelly Ayotte has only one special interest — the people of New Hampshire," said the senator's spokeswoman, Liz Johnson. "She's running to continue her work as an independent leader who solves problems and delivers results, from helping create a better climate for job growth and stopping wasteful spending, to keeping our country safe."