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Toddler declared brain dead "showing improvement" in a foreign hospital

A 2-year-boy declared brain dead by three doctors is showing improvement in a hospital in a foreign country, the attorney for the toddler’s family claimed Friday.

Israel Stinson was air-lifted out of the United States, from the Kaiser Medical Center in Roseville, Calif., two weeks ago.

The parents of the young boy say he is still alive, and went to court to force the center to keep him on life support while they looked for another hospital.

A federal judge ruled against the parents, Jonee Fonseca and Nate Stinson. An appeal was filed; but soon afterward, the boy was air-lifted out of the country.

Family attorney Kevin Snider said, “Israel is getting treatment and is showing improvement.” Neither he nor the family would say which country Israel was flown to, citing privacy concerns. He was first taken to hospital in April after suffering a severe asthma attack.

In a statement issued after the boy was flown out of the country, his mother said “Israel has been given incredible care.”

Fonseca said he is “receiving all the proper nutrition (vitamins, fats, proteins etc.) plus he's finally got both surgeries done (breathing and feeding tube).”

“It is amazing that we were able to get Israel out of there just in the nick of time because the previous hospital failed to notify us of many complications Israel had that we were unaware of,” Fonseca said.

“Israel came to this new hospital with a pneumonia, ulcers, and was in need of a blood transfusion so very bad. Israel has now been healed of all these things.”

Fonseca claimed tests done in the new hospital show Israel “has active brain waves.”

”In the past 48 hours, Israel has been taking breaths all on his own so we are working to wean him off of the ventilator, which hopefully will happen in just a few weeks,” said Fonseca.

A gofundme page has raised just over $25,000, but the family is appealing for more donations to pay for medical expenses, which are “piling up every day,” Fonseca said.

In her ruling last month, Justice Kimberly Mueller said Kaiser Medical Center did everything within the law to care for Israel. It also followed procedures in declaring the child brain dead.

Fonseca wanted an injunction ordering the hospital to keep Israel on life support until they find a permanent place for him. There is only one state in the country, New Jersey, where a person declared brain dead can be kept on life support on religious grounds.  

Fonseca and Stinson, of Vacaville, Calif., believe their child is still alive, contrary to clear medical rules and legal precedent on when a person should be declared dead. Fonseca, in her suit asking for the injunction, said her son has shown signs of life, that he has responded to touches, and that she believes in the “healing power of God.”